Postgres Database Administrator

Location: merrimack, nh
Date Posted: 01-05-2018
Title : Postgres Database
Location: Merrimach, NH

Primary Responsibilities
  • Implementation of the Native open source Postgres 9.6 database software in a large scale environment.
  • Rollout database builds in various production and non-production environments such as Development, QA and Performance.
  • Implementation of Postgres 9.6 database backup, recovery, and monitoring procedures across all environments. 
  • Performance tuning of PostgreSQL database in an ESX RHEL 7.1 environment.
  • Constant interaction across multiple project teams in analyzing their database needs and providing timely tactical and strategic database solutions.
  • Works on complex assignments and often multiple phases of a project
Education and Experience
  • 5+ years of PostgreSQL experience.
  • Experience with Linux RHEL shell scripting
  • PostgreSQL database access language such as psql.
  • Performance/tuning options and tools
  • Database utilities
  • Knowledge of Automation and other DBMS such as Oracle, Agile implementation, ZFS snapshot/clone procedure and EDB Postgres is a plus.
  • Strong presentation and interpersonal/customer skills
  • Good communication and team skills
Skills and Knowledge
  • Experience is implementing Postgres databases on Virtual Linux server technologies such as ESX clusters, Linux RHEL 7.1
  • Expertise in Installation of Native Postgres database version 9.6 with development software extensions such as protobuf-c, postGIS, libxml2 etc.
  • Expertise in Integrating databases (PostgreSQL, Oracle) through Apache kafka with topics generated using schema, Registry(Avro formats), Decoder-bufs (protobuf formats), Debezium, Kafka-connect.
  • Expertise in database creation, tablespace organization, users and schema designs.
  • Knowledge in Postgres database internals along with configurations. (Client connectivity, database parameter configurations etc.)
  • Implementation of tools to manage operational procedures such as production->DR replication, failover, monitoring, performance, backup and restores
  • Bachelor’s degree required; MBA or MS preferred

At least a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering or related field or an equivalent in education is required for this position.
We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.
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